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Lives and works in France. 


My work is about questionning subjectivity and reality by exploring limits and how the inside and the outside relate. I’m interested in links, association of ideas, and how the style and the content complement each other.

I try to make sense with simple forms, I try to make inner things exist by representing them in the outside. I try to question my language all the time, to let show how it is perpetually moving and adjusting to the world around.

I try to find a balance somewhere in between instinct and reflection, action and stillness.

"The french artist asks herself questions about the world around her and the perception of it, trying to give answers creates a work full of hidden meanings. [...] Observing Florie's art means query ourselves, in any case the artist gives to the viewer a new interpretation, a new look at the world. Thomas Campbell said that "understanding that there are other points of view is the beginning of wisdom", so being able to look beyond the things that appear allows us to have attention and sensibility about life. In the work of the french artist we can see a certain similarity to the work of the great master Georges Braque, in fact synthetic cubism consents the recognisability of the subject, equally happens in Florie's work. Synthesizing shapes and making them simple and identifiable is what both artists have transposed on canvas. [...] Ultimately Florie's artistic work is a gift, the artist gives to the viewer a different point of view, an innovative look at life, an access key for undiscovered suggestions, it is also a treasure full of questions, answers and reflections."

Art curator Vanessa Viti, MADS Milano

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